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Hotels, Restaurants, Private Homes & More

We have been happy to work with a variety of venues especially in the general San Juan del Sur area of Nicaragua. Please take a look at a few of the options below.

We work with a number of hotels in the area some we have partnerships with and are able to offer our package prices, other offer their own Food & Beverage Departments and we must work with the options they offer and their prices.


There are a number of restaurants in which are happy to take care of wedding groups. Let us show you the options we like to recommend.

There are a number of privately owned homes that we work with for weddings of varying sizes, some homes are spacious enough to seat upto 120 guests.

There are a number of beaches and palapas (a.k.a. ranchos) in the area of San Juan del Sur that we have had the pleasure of working with for beachfront ceremonies. Here are a few we can recommend.

San Juan del Sur Options more Pictures and options coming soon!!

Option 1

How about celebrating your wedding in an intimate gathering in luxurious home found on land that is privately owned and kept largely as a natural reserve for wild animal like monkeys and tropical birds. The property has 8 home which may accommodate up to 50 people comfortably in homes with an accumulated 26 rooms. The beach is close by and you may enjoy a beachfront ceremony amidst dramatic rock structures.

Option 2

A larger group of 50 to 60 can enjoy a beautiful beach front ceremony and party under the stars in this delightfully designed condominium. There are 15 privately owned 3 bedroom units which enjoy a beach front view.This option is highly recommend for intimate family gatherings who enjoy a gorgeous beach with dramatic sunsets almost year round.

Option 3

A numerous group of 50 to 100 people can stay in a lovely neighborhood with view of the town of San Juan del Sur. This neighborhood fully equipped with a restaurant and large pool for all to enjoy. Within just a few minutes drive of the town life which offers a variety of restaurants, nightlife and a gorgeous beach where you can even surf part of the year!

More Options:

If you have already booked your reservation and would like to hire us to take of your wedding, please contact us, we are happy to work in a variety of settings. We Also have a variety of other options such as private homes, hotels and restaurants. Weddings Nicaragua is happy to work with which ever environment you are most happy in and will fulfill your dream wedding in this lovely picturesque, unique and exotic country!

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